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Spring 2016: The Firkin


Spring is the time of plans and projects.

With Spring hurtling towards us, the weather (hopefully) picking up and all the great things that come with this time of the year. We have been doing some thinking and tinkering behind the scenes. With so many beer styles and breweries around at the moment we have decided to add two new hand pumps!

This will allow us to promote new breweries and new styles without upsetting the balance. The other good news is in addition to the new pumps we will also be adding a new keg tap. As the keg market continues to grow (especially the mighty keykeg – if anyone is interested in this tech I’ll post a separate blog about it) we want to bring you the best in local and far flung beers and styles and the third tap helps us achieve this. The beer lines will be changed and the current beer engines will be serviced, so we can continue to serve top notch fresh beer!
The good news doesn’t stop there! We will also be updating the seating arrangement in the bar and a general tidy up will be happening paint etc.
We will be hopefully getting some great breweries in for our ‘Meet The Brewer’ events and also our first ‘Versus’ night and tasting session!
Also hopefully by the end of spring we are hoping to boost the community aspect of the place. We are hoping to do some bikes rides and brewery tours and all sorts of things to help bring people together.
It’s been a crazy few months and we can’t thankyou enough for all your support and high fives.

Loads of love,

The Firkin

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